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BACKGROUND was formed when one man received a word from God to register the website He didn’t know exactly how to bring life to the vision for the ministry at that time, but out of obedience he registered the website and began his quest for learning how to bring to life its purpose. Through prayer and brainstorming, God brought the right people and technology to him and the ministry has been growing by leaps and bounds since that time.


God has given each person a story. Acts 1:8 says, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be WITNESSES to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." So it is clear that we are to be His witnesses, and tell of His goodness in our lives, churches, and ministries.

IAW is working to reach the world and is partnering with individuals, churches and ministries to help spread the word about God’s goodness, even in today’s seemingly hopeless state. There are millions of testimonies of God’s goodness, and miracles, but how is the world hearing about them? IAW wants to build a virtual network, which will reach those in the most remote parts of this world and in the major highways and byways. IAW wants the world to hear about the woman who was healed of cancer in Iceland, the single mother in Montana who miraculously had food delivered to their doorstep when she had none, the prisoner in New York who found forgiveness, or the child in England who coped with their parent’s divorce, on and on. At a time such as this, people are looking for hope more than ever. If we can share the hope we’ve been given with the hurting, our world will forever be changed and people will learn they can call on God to show up in their life!


Dodie Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX recorded IAW’s very first testimony. IAW met with Dodie on April 4th, 2009 and presented her with an ImAWitness t-shirt with her unique witness number (#0001). Her story still remains our most viewed video today and continues to reach people all over the world with hope.

Dodie Osteen

Project Director, Phebe Montalto presents Dodie Osteen with official IAW shirt

IAW has also recorded testimonies from Tully Blanchard, former WWE superstar and member of the famed Four Horsemen. A press release was distributed on April 15th, and has caught the attention of national media such as MSNBC, showing how his life has been transformed.

Tully Blanchard

Phebe Montalto, Project Director, presents Tully Blanchard with official IAW shirt on April 23, 2009

IAW is already working with well-known ministries such as Mercy Ministries, Mike Barber Ministries, CBN, Bill Glass Ministries, Nasir Siddiki (Wisdom Ministries), The James Fund, Lakewood Church, as well as other local ministries and churches. IAW is currently working on a national campaign that will include working with national and local Christian media, as well as many other national ministries to promote the website, to encourage others to record their story and/or send those searching for hope to the site to listen to the stories of others who have been through a similar situation.


IAW knows that individuals and ministries are a part of changing the lives of those they touch every day. IAW also knows how powerful it is to share the stories of the lives that are changed! Not only does it benefit the person who’s life has been changed by sharing their story, but it reaches beyond the walls of their life/ministry to give hope to someone who might in a similar situation.

Most ministries are literally doing a world of good, yet there are few who know of the good they are doing. The miracles and testimonies that are born out of those ministries are not being seen or heard by enough people. Often times, this is due to a lack of resources, personnel, or know-how, and not a lack of desire to tell of God’s goodness.

We, at IAW, want to work with these ministries and individuals to help them tell their stories.

The bandwidth is already purchased, the administrative work is being done, and there is a team to handle all of the technical issues. IAW just needs stories of God’s goodness to share with the world.


All video hosting with IAW is at no cost to you, or any other ministry.

Should you feel called to share your testimonies on our website, IAW offers the option of placing your ministry’s logo on our home page showing you as a “Friend of the Ministry”. A dedicated Channel would be provided on IAW for your ministry. Also, each video that is placed on the IAW website, can be tagged with your ministry’s name, so that it can be easily located and associated with your ministry. This would increase awareness about your ministry, which, we believe, will result in additional donorship and support of your ministry. As a result, more traffic would be directed to your website as creating an increased awareness about your ministry. The wonderful part of all of this is that you would have more of a way to connect with people who may need to be blessed by the work your ministry has been called to!

Video Testimonies:

Although we do have many professionally edited videos on the IAW website, part of IAW’s goal is to provide a place where individuals can share their testimonies in a “raw” format. This doesn’t mean that high-quality produced videos can’t be hosted on our site. They can, and should be. But, part of the appeal of the IAW site is “reality”. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can record their testimony directly onto the IAW website by using a webcam and microphone. Or, they can upload a video from their cell phone or video camera.

Written Testimonies:

Additionally, we have a dedicated section of our website that features written testimonies. We are thrilled to offer this option for those testimonies that have not yet had the opportunity to be put to video. This section of the website is prominently placed on the home page and receives the same visibility as the video testimonies.


We at IAW know that our ministry relationships will be powerful and are excited about reaching the world with the stories and testimonies that are coming out of your ministry. All we need are stories to share, and we know that you have many of them right within the walls of your ministry. This partnership is at no cost to you. We simply want to showcase the works of God, and take the walls down that have been keeping these stories from reaching the world. Would you like to join us? FIll out the contact form to the right and let us know!